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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Days Abbreviations. All abbreviations on this page are 4th means Fourth, AAW means Arts Awareness Week, ACSW means Australasian Computer Science Week, AD means Ante Diem (before the day), AD means Anno Domini (Year of Our Lord), ADN means Any Day Now, AF means April Fools, AFD means April Fools Day, AFD means Alcohol Free Day, AFD means Armed Forces Day, am means ante meridien, AUBD means AUgust BirthDay, BAD means Blinker Appreciation Day, BAMM means Bust A Move Monday, BF means Black Friday, BFF means Bank Failure Friday, BN means Black Night, BS means Black Sunday, BST means British Summer Time, BTW means British Tourism Week,

4thFourth. 4th
AAWArts Awareness Week. AAW
ACSWAustralasian Computer Science Week. ACSW
ADAnte Diem (before the day). AD
ADAnno Domini (Year of Our Lord). AD
ADNAny Day Now. ADN
AFApril Fools. AF
AFDApril Fools Day. AFD
AFDAlcohol Free Day. AFD
AFDArmed Forces Day. AFD
amante meridien. am
AUBDAUgust BirthDay. AUBD
BADBlinker Appreciation Day. BAD
BAMMBust A Move Monday. BAMM
BFBlack Friday. BF
BFFBank Failure Friday. BFF
BNBlack Night. BN
BSBlack Sunday. BS
BSTBritish Summer Time. BST
BTWBritish Tourism Week. BTW


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