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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Databases. All abbreviations on this page are AAD means Access to Archival Databases, AAT means Arc Attribute Table, ABC means Alphabetically Based Computerized, ABT means Analytical Base Table, ABVD means Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database, AC means Additional Content, ACB means Application Control Block, ACC means Attribute Collection Context, ACDB means Automated Cost Data Base, ACDC means Accurate Coordinate Datasets Collection, ACDS means Appeals Centralized Database System, ACF means Advanced Computer Feasability, ACID means Automatic Consistency Integration Of Database, ACID means Atomic, Consistent, Independent, and Durable, ACM means Agglomeration Coarse Matrix, ACMRU means Auto Complete Most Recently Used, ACP means Administrator's Control Panel, ACP means Admin Control Panel, ACPN means Asymptotic Continuous Petri Net, ACSD means Adult Cardiac Surgery Database,

AADAccess to Archival Databases. AAD
AATArc Attribute Table. AAT
ABCAlphabetically Based Computerized. ABC
ABTAnalytical Base Table. ABT
ABVDAustronesian Basic Vocabulary Database. ABVD
ACAdditional Content. AC
ACBApplication Control Block. ACB
ACCAttribute Collection Context. ACC
ACDBAutomated Cost Data Base. ACDB
ACDCAccurate Coordinate Datasets Collection. ACDC
ACDSAppeals Centralized Database System. ACDS
ACFAdvanced Computer Feasability. ACF
ACIDAutomatic Consistency Integration Of Database. ACID
ACIDAtomic, Consistent, Independent, and Durable. ACID
ACMAgglomeration Coarse Matrix. ACM
ACMRUAuto Complete Most Recently Used. ACMRU
ACPAdministrator's Control Panel. ACP
ACPAdmin Control Panel. ACP
ACPNAsymptotic Continuous Petri Net. ACPN
ACSDAdult Cardiac Surgery Database. ACSD


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