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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Databases. All abbreviations on this page are ADM means Adaptive Data Manager, ADMS means Archived Data Management System, ADMS means Adaptive Database Management System, ADN means AFNI Dataset Name, ADO means Active Data Object, ADODB means Active Data Objects Data Base, ADP means Access Data Project, ADP means Active Data Page, ADPS means Asiago Database on Photometric Systems, ADPSO means Automatic Data Processing Security Officer, ADReM means Advanced Database Research and Modeling, ADRG means Advanced Database Research Group, ADS means Advanced Database Systems, ADSA means Advanced Database Systems and Application, ADSD means Asiago Database of Spectroscopic Databases, ADSF means Alertness Data Standard Format, ADSL means Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, ADW means Active Data Warehousing, AE means Attribute Editor, AED means Add, Edit, and Delete,

ADMAdaptive Data Manager. ADM
ADMSArchived Data Management System. ADMS
ADMSAdaptive Database Management System. ADMS
ADNAFNI Dataset Name. ADN
ADOActive Data Object. ADO
ADODBActive Data Objects Data Base. ADODB
ADPAccess Data Project. ADP
ADPActive Data Page. ADP
ADPSAsiago Database on Photometric Systems. ADPS
ADPSOAutomatic Data Processing Security Officer. ADPSO
ADReMAdvanced Database Research and Modeling. ADReM
ADRGAdvanced Database Research Group. ADRG
ADSAdvanced Database Systems. ADS
ADSAAdvanced Database Systems and Application. ADSA
ADSDAsiago Database of Spectroscopic Databases. ADSD
ADSFAlertness Data Standard Format. ADSF
ADSLAsymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL
ADWActive Data Warehousing. ADW
AEAttribute Editor. AE
AEDAdd, Edit, and Delete. AED


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