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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Dogs Related. All abbreviations on this page are AAC means Agility Association of Canada, AAD means Advanced Agility Dog, AADC means Advanced Agility Dog of Canada, AADI means Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland, AADI means Autism Awareness Dogs Ireland, AAOD means An Act of Dog, AAS means Amazing Animal Service, AATD means Australian Agility Team Dog, ABD means American Bull Dog, ABDA means Arctic Bird Dog Association, ABLA means American Belgian Laekenois Association, ABMC means American Belgian Malinois Club, ACA means American Canine Association, ACD means Australian Cattle Dog, ACDR means Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue, ACDS means Athens County Dog Shelter, ACDT means Absolute Control Dog Training, ACET means Agility Center of East Tennessee, ACS means American Cocker Spaniel, ACVO means American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists,

AACAgility Association of Canada. AAC
AADAdvanced Agility Dog. AAD
AADCAdvanced Agility Dog of Canada. AADC
AADIAutism Assistance Dogs Ireland. AADI
AADIAutism Awareness Dogs Ireland. AADI
AAODAn Act of Dog. AAOD
AASAmazing Animal Service. AAS
AATDAustralian Agility Team Dog. AATD
ABDAmerican Bull Dog. ABD
ABDAArctic Bird Dog Association. ABDA
ABLAAmerican Belgian Laekenois Association. ABLA
ABMCAmerican Belgian Malinois Club. ABMC
ACAAmerican Canine Association. ACA
ACDAustralian Cattle Dog. ACD
ACDRArizona Cattle Dog Rescue. ACDR
ACDSAthens County Dog Shelter. ACDS
ACDTAbsolute Control Dog Training. ACDT
ACETAgility Center of East Tennessee. ACET
ACSAmerican Cocker Spaniel. ACS
ACVOAmerican College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists. ACVO


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