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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Domain Names. All abbreviations on this page are .IO means ccTLD for British Indian Ocean territory, means Schools, 2B2C means Bridge Between Company And Customer, ADNS means Authoritative Domain Name Server, AERO means AEROnautical Industry Sites, ARIN means American Registry of Internet Numbers, ATXI means Alliance Tournament NUMBER. 11, AU means Australia, BB means Barbados, BE means Sites in Belgium, BGG means, BIND means Berkeley Internet Name Daemon, BIZ means Business sites, BR means Boys Respect, BSD means Branded Short Domain, BSDP means Boot Service Discovery Protocol, BX means Beirux, CC means Cocos (Keeling) Islands, ccTLD means country code Top Level Domain, ccTLDs means Country Code Top-Level Domains,

.IOccTLD for British Indian Ocean territory. .IO
2B2CBridge Between Company And Customer. 2B2C
ADNSAuthoritative Domain Name Server. ADNS
AEROAEROnautical Industry Sites. AERO
ARINAmerican Registry of Internet Numbers. ARIN
ATXIAlliance Tournament NUMBER. 11. ATXI
AUAustralia. AU
BBBarbados. BB
BESites in Belgium. BE BGG
BINDBerkeley Internet Name Daemon. BIND
BIZBusiness sites. BIZ
BRBoys Respect. BR
BSDBranded Short Domain. BSD
BSDPBoot Service Discovery Protocol. BSDP
BXBeirux. BX
CCCocos (Keeling) Islands. CC
ccTLDcountry code Top Level Domain. ccTLD
ccTLDsCountry Code Top-Level Domains. ccTLDs


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