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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Drugs. All abbreviations on this page are %LC means Percent Label Claim, 1/4NS means 0.225% sodium chloride, 2-FMA means 2-FluoroMethamPhetamine, 2/12 means 2 Months, 2FMA means 2-FluoroMethamPhetamine, 3TC means Lamivudine, AAD means Action Against Drugs, AADs means Antiarrhythmic drugs, AADT means American Alliance Drug Testing, ABC means abacavir, ACDR means Atlantic Common Drug Review, ACDR means Adverse Cutaneous Drug Reactions, ACMD means Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, ADAA means Animal Drug Availability Act, ADAB means Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board, ADAC means Alcohol and Drug Assessment and Counselling, ADAC means Antineoplastic Drug Administration Course, ADAC means Alternative Drug and Alcohol Counseling, ADAMHA means Alcohol Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration, ADAP means AIDS Drug Assistance Programs,

%LCPercent Label Claim. %LC
1/4NS0.225% sodium chloride. 1/4NS
2-FMA2-FluoroMethamPhetamine. 2-FMA
2/122 Months. 2/12
2FMA2-FluoroMethamPhetamine. 2FMA
3TCLamivudine. 3TC
AADAction Against Drugs. AAD
AADsAntiarrhythmic drugs. AADs
AADTAmerican Alliance Drug Testing. AADT
ABCabacavir. ABC
ACDRAtlantic Common Drug Review. ACDR
ACDRAdverse Cutaneous Drug Reactions. ACDR
ACMDAdvisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. ACMD
ADAAAnimal Drug Availability Act. ADAA
ADABAlcohol and Drug Advisory Board. ADAB
ADACAlcohol and Drug Assessment and Counselling. ADAC
ADACAntineoplastic Drug Administration Course. ADAC
ADACAlternative Drug and Alcohol Counseling. ADAC
ADAMHAAlcohol Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration. ADAMHA
ADAPAIDS Drug Assistance Programs. ADAP


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