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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Ecology. All abbreviations on this page are ABEC means Animal Behavior Ecology and Conservation, ABMI means Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, AED means Atlantic Ecology Division, AERM means Applied Ecology and Resource Management, AFE means Association for Fire Ecology, AIRCA means Association of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture, AMERG means Aquatic Microbial Ecology Research Group, APES means Advanced Placement Environmental Sciences, APOG means Academic Professionals in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ARD means Agricultural research for development, ASAC means Applied Sciences Advisory Committee, AVRDC means Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center, BBC means Balanced Biological Communities, BCEU means Behavioural and Chemical Ecology Unit, BEE means Balanced Economy and Ecology, BEEES means Behaviour Ecology Environment and Evolution Seminar, BEETLE means Biological and Environmental Evaluation Tools for Landscape Ecology, BEMS means Benthic Ecology Meeting Society, BESG means Bird Ecology Study Group, BEWM means Behavioural Ecology and Wildlife Management,

ABECAnimal Behavior Ecology and Conservation. ABEC
ABMIAlberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute. ABMI
AEDAtlantic Ecology Division. AED
AERMApplied Ecology and Resource Management. AERM
AFEAssociation for Fire Ecology. AFE
AIRCAAssociation of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture. AIRCA
AMERGAquatic Microbial Ecology Research Group. AMERG
APESAdvanced Placement Environmental Sciences. APES
APOGAcademic Professionals in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. APOG
ARDAgricultural research for development. ARD
ASACApplied Sciences Advisory Committee. ASAC
AVRDCAsian Vegetable Research and Development Center. AVRDC
BBCBalanced Biological Communities. BBC
BCEUBehavioural and Chemical Ecology Unit. BCEU
BEEBalanced Economy and Ecology. BEE
BEEESBehaviour Ecology Environment and Evolution Seminar. BEEES
BEETLEBiological and Environmental Evaluation Tools for Landscape Ecology. BEETLE
BEMSBenthic Ecology Meeting Society. BEMS
BESGBird Ecology Study Group. BESG
BEWMBehavioural Ecology and Wildlife Management. BEWM


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