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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Economics. All abbreviations on this page are 3I means Investors In industry, AAEF means Advances in Applied Economics and Finance, ABE means Asset Bubble Economics, ACEG means Amrita Center for Economics and Governance, ADF means Augmented Dickey-Fuller, AEQ means Applied Economics Quarterly, AFEE means Association for Evolutionary Economics, AHE means Association of Heterodox Economics, AIC means Akaike Information Criterion, ALER means American Law and Economics Review, APCE means Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, APE means Analysis and Policy in Economics, BAEE means Bachelor of Arts English with Economics, BCC means Bitconnect, BCH means Bitcoin Cash, BEC means Bachelor of Economics AcronymFinder, BEDR means Behavioral Economics and Decision Research, BER means Bureau for Economic Research, BIEC means Berlin International Economics Congress, BLOCK means Blocknet,

3IInvestors In industry. 3I
AAEFAdvances in Applied Economics and Finance. AAEF
ABEAsset Bubble Economics. ABE
ACEGAmrita Center for Economics and Governance. ACEG
ADFAugmented Dickey-Fuller. ADF
AEQApplied Economics Quarterly. AEQ
AFEEAssociation for Evolutionary Economics. AFEE
AHEAssociation of Heterodox Economics. AHE
AICAkaike Information Criterion. AIC
ALERAmerican Law and Economics Review. ALER
APCEAnnals of Public and Cooperative Economics. APCE
APEAnalysis and Policy in Economics. APE
BAEEBachelor of Arts English with Economics. BAEE
BCCBitconnect. BCC
BCHBitcoin Cash. BCH
BECBachelor of Economics AcronymFinder. BEC
BEDRBehavioral Economics and Decision Research. BEDR
BERBureau for Economic Research. BER
BIECBerlin International Economics Congress. BIEC


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