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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Editors. All abbreviations on this page are AAACE means American Association of Agricultural College Editors, AAE means Association of Art Editors, AAEA means American Ag Editors Association, AASE means African Association of Science Editors, ACSE means Asian Council of Science Editors, AHE means All Hail the Editors, AINEC means All India Newspapers Editors Conference, APSE means Associated Press Sports Editors, ASME means American Society of Magazine Editors, ASNE means American Society of News Editors, ASNE means American Association of Newspaper Editors, BDEF means British Dental Editors Forum, EAE means Editors Association of Earth, EFG means Editors Forum Ghana, ISFHWE means International Society of Family History Writers Editors, MEP means Multiple Editors Project, MJE means Medical Journal Editors, MPSE means Motion Picture Sound Editors, MTE means Meet The Editors, NAIWE means National Association of Independent Writers and Editors,

AAACEAmerican Association of Agricultural College Editors. AAACE
AAEAssociation of Art Editors. AAE
AAEAAmerican Ag Editors Association. AAEA
AASEAfrican Association of Science Editors. AASE
ACSEAsian Council of Science Editors. ACSE
AHEAll Hail the Editors. AHE
AINECAll India Newspapers Editors Conference. AINEC
APSEAssociated Press Sports Editors. APSE
ASMEAmerican Society of Magazine Editors. ASME
ASNEAmerican Society of News Editors. ASNE
ASNEAmerican Association of Newspaper Editors. ASNE
BDEFBritish Dental Editors Forum. BDEF
EAEEditors Association of Earth. EAE
EFGEditors Forum Ghana. EFG
ISFHWEInternational Society of Family History Writers Editors. ISFHWE
MEPMultiple Editors Project. MEP
MJEMedical Journal Editors. MJE
MPSEMotion Picture Sound Editors. MPSE
MTEMeet The Editors. MTE
NAIWENational Association of Independent Writers and Editors. NAIWE


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