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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Electronics. All abbreviations on this page are 0-D means Zero Dimensional, 24W means 24 Watts, 2M means Micro Miniature, 2M means Micro-Miniature, 2MRPTR means Two Meter Repeater, 2W means Two Wire, 3D means Three Dimensional, 3G means Third Generation, 3Gp means Third generation Partnership Project, 3R3 means 3.3 ohm Resistor, 3SR means Three Station Rotating, 4K means 4,000 pixels, 4K means Four times the number of pixels on a 1080p display (UHDTV), 4P4T means Quad-Pole Quad-Throw, 4W means 4-Watt Resistor, 4WA means Four Wire Analog, 4WAI means 4-Wire Analog Interface, 4WH means Four Watt-Hour capacity, 4WJ means Four-Way Junction, 4WM means Four Wave Mixing,

0-DZero Dimensional. 0-D
24W24 Watts. 24W
2MMicro Miniature. 2M
2MMicro-Miniature. 2M
2MRPTRTwo Meter Repeater. 2MRPTR
2WTwo Wire. 2W
3DThree Dimensional. 3D
3GThird Generation. 3G
3GpThird generation Partnership Project. 3Gp
3R33.3 ohm Resistor. 3R3
3SRThree Station Rotating. 3SR
4K4,000 pixels. 4K
4KFour times the number of pixels on a 1080p display (UHDTV). 4K
4P4TQuad-Pole Quad-Throw. 4P4T
4W4-Watt Resistor. 4W
4WAFour Wire Analog. 4WA
4WAI4-Wire Analog Interface. 4WAI
4WHFour Watt-Hour capacity. 4WH
4WJFour-Way Junction. 4WJ
4WMFour Wave Mixing. 4WM


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