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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Engineering. All abbreviations on this page are 40X means 40 times faster, 4WH means 4wh mean four question that are used in the development process of any software., 5GE means Fifth Generation Evolution ( This is not equal to 5G standard ( fifth Generstion standard), AACE means Architecture Advanced Concepts and Engineering, AAE means Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering, AAE means Atlantic Automotive Engineering, AAME means Arkansas Academy of Mechanical Engineering, AASE means Academic Association of Sales Engineering, ABC means Alberta Building Code, ABC means Accelerated Bridge Construction, ABEB means Archives in Biomedical Engineering Biotechnology, ABOEP means American Board of Engineering Professionals, ABSE means Agent Based Software Engineering, AC means Acceptance Criteria, AC-3 means Audio Codec 3, ACCP means ASNT Central Certification Program, ACE means Assuring Competence in Engineering, ACEAR means Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research, ACEC means Aridi Contracting and Engineering Company, ACED means Australian Council of Engineering Deans,

40X40 times faster. 40X
4WH4wh mean four question that are used in the development process of any software.. 4WH
5GEFifth Generation Evolution ( This is not equal to 5G standard ( fifth Generstion standard). 5GE
AACEArchitecture Advanced Concepts and Engineering. AACE
AAEAeronautics and Astronautics Engineering. AAE
AAEAtlantic Automotive Engineering. AAE
AAMEArkansas Academy of Mechanical Engineering. AAME
AASEAcademic Association of Sales Engineering. AASE
ABCAlberta Building Code. ABC
ABCAccelerated Bridge Construction. ABC
ABEBArchives in Biomedical Engineering Biotechnology. ABEB
ABOEPAmerican Board of Engineering Professionals. ABOEP
ABSEAgent Based Software Engineering. ABSE
ACAcceptance Criteria. AC
AC-3Audio Codec 3. AC-3
ACCPASNT Central Certification Program. ACCP
ACEAssuring Competence in Engineering. ACE
ACEARAmbala College of Engineering and Applied Research. ACEAR
ACECAridi Contracting and Engineering Company. ACEC
ACEDAustralian Council of Engineering Deans. ACED


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