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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym English. All abbreviations on this page are ABCD means Above, Beyond, Call of Duty, ABCD means All Boys Come Downstairs, absent minded means Absent minded means you are in your own world., ACCESS means Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State to State, ACEFRS means Arabic Chinese English French Russian and Spanish, AEC means Applied English Center, AEC means American English curriculum, AEP means Academic English Preparation, AEPS means Aviation English Private School, AGE means Animate God’s plan on Earth. This simply means bringing back to life God plan ., AGGRO means Aggressive, AHCT means Area Humanitarian Country Team, AIETA means American International English Teachers Association, AIFC means Astana International Financial Centre, AJE means Al Jazeera English, ALAYC means As Long As You Can, AmE means American English, AMEP means Adult Migrant English Program, AMES means Adult Migrant English Service, ANAE means Atlas of North American English,

ABCDAbove, Beyond, Call of Duty. ABCD
ABCDAll Boys Come Downstairs. ABCD
absent mindedAbsent minded means you are in your own world.. absent minded
ACCESSAssessing Comprehension and Communication in English State to State. ACCESS
ACEFRSArabic Chinese English French Russian and Spanish. ACEFRS
AECApplied English Center. AEC
AECAmerican English curriculum. AEC
AEPAcademic English Preparation. AEP
AEPSAviation English Private School. AEPS
AGEAnimate God’s plan on Earth. This simply means bringing back to life God plan .. AGE
AGGROAggressive. AGGRO
AHCTArea Humanitarian Country Team. AHCT
AIETAAmerican International English Teachers Association. AIETA
AIFCAstana International Financial Centre. AIFC
AJEAl Jazeera English. AJE
ALAYCAs Long As You Can. ALAYC
AmEAmerican English. AmE
AMEPAdult Migrant English Program. AMEP
AMESAdult Migrant English Service. AMES
ANAEAtlas of North American English. ANAE


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