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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Famous & Celebs. All abbreviations on this page are 007 means James Bond, A Rod means Alex Rodriguez, AA means Apache Anne, AA means Alan Alexander, AA means Aiven Andrians, AAFA means Antique Americana Folk Art, AAW means Adolph A. Weinman, sculptor and coin designer, AB means Angela Brant, AB means Annie Besant, AB means Allan Border, AB means Americo Bartholomew, ABD means American Born Desi, ABE means Abraham Lincoln, AC means Anne Cameron, AC means Alvin Crawford, AC means Alan Cox, AC means Albert Champion, ACC means Arthur C. Clarke, ACM means Arthur C. Mills, ACM means Antonio Carlos Magalhaes,

007James Bond. 007
A RodAlex Rodriguez. A Rod
AAApache Anne. AA
AAAlan Alexander. AA
AAAiven Andrians. AA
AAFAAntique Americana Folk Art. AAFA
AAWAdolph A. Weinman, sculptor and coin designer. AAW
ABAngela Brant. AB
ABAnnie Besant. AB
ABAllan Border. AB
ABAmerico Bartholomew. AB
ABDAmerican Born Desi. ABD
ABEAbraham Lincoln. ABE
ACAnne Cameron. AC
ACAlvin Crawford. AC
ACAlan Cox. AC
ACAlbert Champion. AC
ACCArthur C. Clarke. ACC
ACMArthur C. Mills. ACM
ACMAntonio Carlos Magalhaes. ACM


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