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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Famous & Celebs. All abbreviations on this page are AK means Alek Keshishian, film director, AK means Andrew Kaufmann, AK means Alexandra Kosteniuk, AK means Arjun kapoor , Indian actor, AKMA means A. K. M. Adam, ALP means Anna Livia Plurabelle, ALS means Anthony L. Sommers, ALW means Andrew Lloyd Webber, AM means Arnoldo Mondadori, AM means Anne Murray, AMG means Allan M. Goldstein, author, AMG means Alan Merril Gottlieb, ANGIE means Angelina Jolie, AO means Alon Oleartchik, musician, AOP means Alfred Osborn Pope, AP means Angela Parker, AP means Anthony Purcell, AP means Anthony Pope, actor, APJ means Ameenchand Pyarelal Jain, AQ means Ahmed Qatamesh,

AKAlek Keshishian, film director. AK
AKAndrew Kaufmann. AK
AKAlexandra Kosteniuk. AK
AKArjun kapoor , Indian actor. AK
ALPAnna Livia Plurabelle. ALP
ALSAnthony L. Sommers. ALS
ALWAndrew Lloyd Webber. ALW
AMArnoldo Mondadori. AM
AMAnne Murray. AM
AMGAllan M. Goldstein, author. AMG
AMGAlan Merril Gottlieb. AMG
ANGIEAngelina Jolie. ANGIE
AOAlon Oleartchik, musician. AO
AOPAlfred Osborn Pope. AOP
APAngela Parker. AP
APAnthony Purcell. AP
APAnthony Pope, actor. AP
APJAmeenchand Pyarelal Jain. APJ
AQAhmed Qatamesh. AQ


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