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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Famous & Celebs. All abbreviations on this page are AR means Amber Renee, ARI means Aristotle, ARod means Alex Rodriguez, ARY means Abdul Razzak Yakub, AS means Alexander Schleicher, AS means Adolf Schickelgruber, AS means Antonio Stradivari, violin maker, ASD means Albert S. Davis, County Commissioner in Florida, ASH means Anthony Stewart Head, ASM means Amazing Spider Man, ASR means Arnav Singh Raizada, ATG means Alfred The Great, King of Wessex, ATG means Alexander The Great, ATM means Aaron T. Myers, ATZ means Professor Alan T. Zehnder, Texas A & M, AU means Arthur Upfield, AUBO means Abraham Bosse, artist, AVD means Anthonie Van Diemenstam, AVM means Alfredo Verga Milano, AW means Arlen Williams, newspaper columnist,

ARAmber Renee. AR
ARIAristotle. ARI
ARodAlex Rodriguez. ARod
ARYAbdul Razzak Yakub. ARY
ASAlexander Schleicher. AS
ASAdolf Schickelgruber. AS
ASAntonio Stradivari, violin maker. AS
ASDAlbert S. Davis, County Commissioner in Florida. ASD
ASHAnthony Stewart Head. ASH
ASMAmazing Spider Man. ASM
ASRArnav Singh Raizada. ASR
ATGAlfred The Great, King of Wessex. ATG
ATGAlexander The Great. ATG
ATMAaron T. Myers. ATM
ATZProfessor Alan T. Zehnder, Texas A & M. ATZ
AUArthur Upfield. AU
AUBOAbraham Bosse, artist. AUBO
AVDAnthonie Van Diemenstam. AVD
AVMAlfredo Verga Milano. AVM
AWArlen Williams, newspaper columnist. AW


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