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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Famous & Celebs. All abbreviations on this page are WOFO means William OF Orange, WOJ means Wojtek Gurak, Web Developer, WOJ means Wojciech Tabis, Director of Energy Department, the Polish Ministry of Economy, WOZ means Steve Wozniak, WP means Winnie the POO, WPC means Walter P. Chrysler, WPR means Walter P. Reuther, WPW means Wolfe Parkinson White, WQJ means William Quan Judge (1851-1896), WR means Walter Reed, WRBR means The Wright Brothers, WRF means William Randolph Franklin, WRP means William Rivers Pitt, WRR means William R. Robertson, WRTN means Whom Are These Numbskulls? Depression Daze Acronym, WRW means Williamson Robert Winfield Cobb, Congressman from Alabama, WS means Walter Satterthwait, Author, WS means William Shakespeare, WSB means William S. Burroughs, WSC means Winston Spencer Churchill,

WOFOWilliam OF Orange. WOFO
WOJWojtek Gurak, Web Developer. WOJ
WOJWojciech Tabis, Director of Energy Department, the Polish Ministry of Economy. WOJ
WOZSteve Wozniak. WOZ
WPWinnie the POO. WP
WPCWalter P. Chrysler. WPC
WPRWalter P. Reuther. WPR
WPWWolfe Parkinson White. WPW
WQJWilliam Quan Judge (1851-1896). WQJ
WRWalter Reed. WR
WRBRThe Wright Brothers. WRBR
WRFWilliam Randolph Franklin. WRF
WRPWilliam Rivers Pitt. WRP
WRRWilliam R. Robertson. WRR
WRTNWhom Are These Numbskulls? Depression Daze Acronym. WRTN
WRWWilliamson Robert Winfield Cobb, Congressman from Alabama. WRW
WSWalter Satterthwait, Author. WS
WSWilliam Shakespeare. WS
WSBWilliam S. Burroughs. WSB
WSCWinston Spencer Churchill. WSC


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