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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Famous & Celebs. All abbreviations on this page are WSJ means Walter S. Johnson, WSL means Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis, author, WSMFP means Washington Shelters Many Fine People, WT means Willie Taggart, football coach, WT means William Thorpe, English Jurist and author, WT means William Thomas, WT means William Tanner, WTF means Well That's Fantastic, WTP means William The Poet, WV means Wietse Venema, WVB means Wernher von Braun, WVC means Wim Van Criekinge, genetics researcher, WVDV means Walter Van de Velde, WVQ means Willard Van Orman Quine, WW means Wonder Woman, WW means Wayne White, WW means Wicked Witch, WWQ means Dr. William W. Quick, WY means Whitney Young, WZ means William "Tiny" Zehnder,

WSJWalter S. Johnson. WSJ
WSLWilmarth Sheldon Lewis, author. WSL
WSMFPWashington Shelters Many Fine People. WSMFP
WTWillie Taggart, football coach. WT
WTWilliam Thorpe, English Jurist and author. WT
WTWilliam Thomas. WT
WTWilliam Tanner. WT
WTFWell That's Fantastic. WTF
WTPWilliam The Poet. WTP
WVWietse Venema. WV
WVBWernher von Braun. WVB
WVCWim Van Criekinge, genetics researcher. WVC
WVDVWalter Van de Velde. WVDV
WVQWillard Van Orman Quine. WVQ
WWWonder Woman. WW
WWWayne White. WW
WWWicked Witch. WW
WWQDr. William W. Quick. WWQ
WYWhitney Young. WY
WZWilliam "Tiny" Zehnder. WZ


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