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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Famous & Celebs. All abbreviations on this page are X means Xena, X means Xerxes, xQcOW means feliX QuebeC OverWatch, YAJ means Young Agent Jones, YB means Yami Bakura, YC means Yves Chmielewski, Astrophysicist, YGK means Yury G. Kolomensky, YIJ means Young Indiana Jones, YJM means Yngwie J. Malmsteen, YMCMB means Young Money & Cash Money Billionaires, YOC means Yoshkar-Ola City, YP means Yves Pelletier, YSL means Yves Saint Laurent, YSY means Yong Shu Yang, YUL means Yul Brynner, ZIS means Zavod Imini Stalin, ZJS means Zigman Joseph Stephenson, ZM means Zhao Min, ZMJ means Zhao Mengjian, ZSD means Zygmunt S. Derewenda, Professor at UVA,

XXena. X
XXerxes. X
xQcOWfeliX QuebeC OverWatch. xQcOW
YAJYoung Agent Jones. YAJ
YBYami Bakura. YB
YCYves Chmielewski, Astrophysicist. YC
YGKYury G. Kolomensky. YGK
YIJYoung Indiana Jones. YIJ
YJMYngwie J. Malmsteen. YJM
YMCMBYoung Money & Cash Money Billionaires. YMCMB
YOCYoshkar-Ola City. YOC
YPYves Pelletier. YP
YSLYves Saint Laurent. YSL
YSYYong Shu Yang. YSY
YULYul Brynner. YUL
ZISZavod Imini Stalin. ZIS
ZJSZigman Joseph Stephenson. ZJS
ZMZhao Min. ZM
ZMJZhao Mengjian. ZMJ
ZSDZygmunt S. Derewenda, Professor at UVA. ZSD


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