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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Fashion & Beauty. All abbreviations on this page are 5F means Faith,Family,Friends,Flamboyant & Flavored, ABFW means Australian Bridal Fashion Week, ABT means Associated Beauty Therapists, ACFD means A Conscious Fashion Decision, ADOF means Arindam's Definition Of Fashion, AFDIC means Advanced Fashion Design and Incubation Centre, AFDS means ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase, AFFA means Australian Fashion Film Awards, AFWA means Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam, AFWL means Africa Fashion Week London, AFWL means African Fashion Week London, AGFS means American Girl Fashion Show, AIFD means American Institute of Floral Designers, AOAU means Area of Outstanding Artificial Ugliness, AONB means Advanced Order Of Natural Beauty, AONB means Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, AONB means Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, AONB means Area of Outstanding National Beauty, ASBP means Atlantic Seaboard Beauty Pageant, ASFA means Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards,

5FFaith,Family,Friends,Flamboyant & Flavored. 5F
ABFWAustralian Bridal Fashion Week. ABFW
ABTAssociated Beauty Therapists. ABT
ACFDA Conscious Fashion Decision. ACFD
ADOFArindam's Definition Of Fashion. ADOF
AFDICAdvanced Fashion Design and Incubation Centre. AFDIC
AFDSASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase. AFDS
AFFAAustralian Fashion Film Awards. AFFA
AFWAAfrica Fashion Week Amsterdam. AFWA
AFWLAfrica Fashion Week London. AFWL
AFWLAfrican Fashion Week London. AFWL
AGFSAmerican Girl Fashion Show. AGFS
AIFDAmerican Institute of Floral Designers. AIFD
AOAUArea of Outstanding Artificial Ugliness. AOAU
AONBAdvanced Order Of Natural Beauty. AONB
AONBArea Of Outstanding Natural Beauty. AONB
AONBAreas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. AONB
AONBArea of Outstanding National Beauty. AONB
ASBPAtlantic Seaboard Beauty Pageant. ASBP
ASFAAbryanz Style and Fashion Awards. ASFA


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