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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym FBI Files. All abbreviations on this page are AAA means Army Security Agency, AAG means Assistant Attorney General, ABH means Actual Bodily Harm, ACIP means Aerosol Climate Interactions Program, ACSI means Americas Counter Smuggling Initiative, AD means Assistant Director, ADEX means Administrative Index, ADIC means Assistant Director In Charge, ADM means Administrative, AEAA means Atomic Energy Act Applicant, AEAE means Atomic Energy Act Employee, AEC means Atomic Energy Commission, AFRTS means Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, AFSA means Armed Forces Security Agency, AG means Attorney General, AI means Agitator Index, AIR means America's Investigative Reports, AIRS means Access To Information And Reading Services, AK-47 means Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947 (Soviet-Made 7.62mm Assault Rifle), AL means Albany Field Office,

AAAArmy Security Agency. AAA
AAGAssistant Attorney General. AAG
ABHActual Bodily Harm. ABH
ACIPAerosol Climate Interactions Program. ACIP
ACSIAmericas Counter Smuggling Initiative. ACSI
ADAssistant Director. AD
ADEXAdministrative Index. ADEX
ADICAssistant Director In Charge. ADIC
ADMAdministrative. ADM
AEAAAtomic Energy Act Applicant. AEAA
AEAEAtomic Energy Act Employee. AEAE
AECAtomic Energy Commission. AEC
AFRTSArmed Forces Radio and Television Service. AFRTS
AFSAArmed Forces Security Agency. AFSA
AGAttorney General. AG
AIAgitator Index. AI
AIRAmerica's Investigative Reports. AIR
AIRSAccess To Information And Reading Services. AIRS
AK-47Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947 (Soviet-Made 7.62mm Assault Rifle). AK-47
ALAlbany Field Office. AL


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