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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Federation. All abbreviations on this page are AAF means Asian Archery Federation, AAFB means American Advertising Federation of Baltimore, AAFI means Amateur Athletics Federation of India, AAPSF means American Airsoft Practical Shooting Federation, AASF means American Amateur Sambo Federation, ABBF means Auckland Blood Bowl Federation, ABF means American Beekeeping Federation, ACFF means Aspira Club Federation of Florida, ACFIC means All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, ACFIC means All China Federation of Industry Commerce, ACFIC means All China Federation for Industry Commerce, ACMF means Australian Chicken Meat Federation, ACWF means Answers Championship Wrestling Federation, ACYF means All China Youth Federation, ADBF means Asian Dragon Boat Federation, ADBF means Australian Dragon Boat Federation, ADFI means Anti Drug Federation of India, ADSF means Albanian Dance Sport Federation, AEEF means Asia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation, AEEF means Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation,

AAFAsian Archery Federation. AAF
AAFBAmerican Advertising Federation of Baltimore. AAFB
AAFIAmateur Athletics Federation of India. AAFI
AAPSFAmerican Airsoft Practical Shooting Federation. AAPSF
AASFAmerican Amateur Sambo Federation. AASF
ABBFAuckland Blood Bowl Federation. ABBF
ABFAmerican Beekeeping Federation. ABF
ACFFAspira Club Federation of Florida. ACFF
ACFICAll China Federation of Industry and Commerce. ACFIC
ACFICAll China Federation of Industry Commerce. ACFIC
ACFICAll China Federation for Industry Commerce. ACFIC
ACMFAustralian Chicken Meat Federation. ACMF
ACWFAnswers Championship Wrestling Federation. ACWF
ACYFAll China Youth Federation. ACYF
ADBFAsian Dragon Boat Federation. ADBF
ADBFAustralian Dragon Boat Federation. ADBF
ADFIAnti Drug Federation of India. ADFI
ADSFAlbanian Dance Sport Federation. ADSF
AEEFAsia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation. AEEF
AEEFAsia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation. AEEF


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