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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Festivals. All abbreviations on this page are AABF means African American Book Festival, AABF means Ake Arts and Book Festival, AACF means African American Cultural Festival, AAFF means Ann Arbor Film Festival, AAFF means Aviemore Adventure Film Festival, AAFF means Angus Accordion and Fiddle Festival, AAFF means Arusha African Film Festival, AAFF means Architect Africa Film Festival, AAFF means African American Film Festival, AAFF means Asian American Film Festival, AAMF means Al Ain Music Festival, ABBF means Ashley's Belgian Beer Festival, ABFF means American Black Film Festival, ABW means Art Basel Week, ACAF means Australian Comic Arts Festival, ACBF means Antique and Classic Boat Festival, ACCF means Arts Culture and Community Festivals, ACFF means Au Contraire Film Festival, ACFF means Annual Copenhagen Film Festival, ACMF means Atlanta Chamber Music Festival,

AABFAfrican American Book Festival. AABF
AABFAke Arts and Book Festival. AABF
AACFAfrican American Cultural Festival. AACF
AAFFAnn Arbor Film Festival. AAFF
AAFFAviemore Adventure Film Festival. AAFF
AAFFAngus Accordion and Fiddle Festival. AAFF
AAFFArusha African Film Festival. AAFF
AAFFArchitect Africa Film Festival. AAFF
AAFFAfrican American Film Festival. AAFF
AAFFAsian American Film Festival. AAFF
AAMFAl Ain Music Festival. AAMF
ABBFAshley's Belgian Beer Festival. ABBF
ABFFAmerican Black Film Festival. ABFF
ABWArt Basel Week. ABW
ACAFAustralian Comic Arts Festival. ACAF
ACBFAntique and Classic Boat Festival. ACBF
ACCFArts Culture and Community Festivals. ACCF
ACFFAu Contraire Film Festival. ACFF
ACFFAnnual Copenhagen Film Festival. ACFF
ACMFAtlanta Chamber Music Festival. ACMF


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