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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Film Censorship. All abbreviations on this page are AA means All Age, AA means All Ages, ABEF means Active Brightness Enhancement Film, adv means advance, AFI means American Film Institute, AMC means American Movie Classics, AO means Adults Only, AREZ means Advanced Rheometric Expansion System, ATM means A Terrible Movie, AVN means Adult Video Netherlands, AVS means Adult Verification Service, BCFCO means British Columbia Film Classification Office, BD means Bondage Dominance, BF means Blue Film, BFCB means Bangladesh Film Censor Board, BJ means Brian Johnson, rock musician, BM means Bad Movie, CBFC means Central Board of Film Certification, CC means Closed Captioning, CCA means Comics Code Authority,

AAAll Age. AA
AAAll Ages. AA
ABEFActive Brightness Enhancement Film. ABEF
advadvance. adv
AFIAmerican Film Institute. AFI
AMCAmerican Movie Classics. AMC
AOAdults Only. AO
AREZAdvanced Rheometric Expansion System. AREZ
ATMA Terrible Movie. ATM
AVNAdult Video Netherlands. AVN
AVSAdult Verification Service. AVS
BCFCOBritish Columbia Film Classification Office. BCFCO
BDBondage Dominance. BD
BFBlue Film. BF
BFCBBangladesh Film Censor Board. BFCB
BJBrian Johnson, rock musician. BJ
BMBad Movie. BM
CBFCCentral Board of Film Certification. CBFC
CCClosed Captioning. CC
CCAComics Code Authority. CCA


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