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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Finance. All abbreviations on this page are 3P means Public-private partnership, 500K means 500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand), AAF means Automatic Auto Finance, AAFR means Annual Audited Financial Report, ABF means Asian Banking Finance, ABFI means Alberta Breeder Finance Inc, ABFL means Aditya Birla Finance Limited, ACCF means Advance Certificate in Corporate Finance, ACCF means Amity College of Commerce and Finance, ACFL means Adi Chitragupta Finance Limited, ACFR means Aged Care Financial Report, ACFS means Australian Centre for Financial Studies, ACPFAT means Advanced Certification Program in Financial Accounting and Taxation, ACSFP means Association of Chartered Senior Financial Planners, ADFB means Advanced Diploma in Finance and Banking, ADFE means Advanced Diploma in Finance and Economics, ADFP means Association of Divorce Financial Planners, ADMF means Adira Dinamika Multi Finance, AEF means Accord Equipment Finance, AFA means Authorised Financial Adviser,

3PPublic-private partnership. 3P
500K500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand). 500K
AAFAutomatic Auto Finance. AAF
AAFRAnnual Audited Financial Report. AAFR
ABFAsian Banking Finance. ABF
ABFIAlberta Breeder Finance Inc. ABFI
ABFLAditya Birla Finance Limited. ABFL
ACCFAdvance Certificate in Corporate Finance. ACCF
ACCFAmity College of Commerce and Finance. ACCF
ACFLAdi Chitragupta Finance Limited. ACFL
ACFRAged Care Financial Report. ACFR
ACFSAustralian Centre for Financial Studies. ACFS
ACPFATAdvanced Certification Program in Financial Accounting and Taxation. ACPFAT
ACSFPAssociation of Chartered Senior Financial Planners. ACSFP
ADFBAdvanced Diploma in Finance and Banking. ADFB
ADFEAdvanced Diploma in Finance and Economics. ADFE
ADFPAssociation of Divorce Financial Planners. ADFP
ADMFAdira Dinamika Multi Finance. ADMF
AEFAccord Equipment Finance. AEF
AFAAuthorised Financial Adviser. AFA


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