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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Fishing. All abbreviations on this page are AAA means Anglers of All Abilities, AAA means Australian Anglers Association, ABWF means Alliance of Baffled Wade Fishermen, ACFA means Alabama Charter Fishing Association, AFAC means Aboriginal Fishing Advisory Council, AFIRM means Alaska Fishing Industry Relief Mission, AFLAB means Atlantic Fisheries Licence Appeal Board, AFTF means Aboriginal Fishing Trust Fund, AFTM means Association of Fishing Tackle Manufacturers, AFTM means Association of Fishing Trade Manufacturers, AFW means American Fishing Wire, AFWC means Adventure Fishing World Championship, AFWC means Adventure Fishing World Champion, AIFC means Ascension Island Fishing Charters, ALFC means American Legacy Fishing Co, ANSA means Australian National Sportfishing Association, AOY means Anglers Of the Year, ASFA means Allcoast Sport Fishing Association, ASFF means Agricultural Services Forestry Fishing, AWSC means Atlantic Whitewater Sportfishing Charters,

AAAAnglers of All Abilities. AAA
AAAAustralian Anglers Association. AAA
ABWFAlliance of Baffled Wade Fishermen. ABWF
ACFAAlabama Charter Fishing Association. ACFA
AFACAboriginal Fishing Advisory Council. AFAC
AFIRMAlaska Fishing Industry Relief Mission. AFIRM
AFLABAtlantic Fisheries Licence Appeal Board. AFLAB
AFTFAboriginal Fishing Trust Fund. AFTF
AFTMAssociation of Fishing Tackle Manufacturers. AFTM
AFTMAssociation of Fishing Trade Manufacturers. AFTM
AFWAmerican Fishing Wire. AFW
AFWCAdventure Fishing World Championship. AFWC
AFWCAdventure Fishing World Champion. AFWC
AIFCAscension Island Fishing Charters. AIFC
ALFCAmerican Legacy Fishing Co. ALFC
ANSAAustralian National Sportfishing Association. ANSA
AOYAnglers Of the Year. AOY
ASFAAllcoast Sport Fishing Association. ASFA
ASFFAgricultural Services Forestry Fishing. ASFF
AWSCAtlantic Whitewater Sportfishing Charters. AWSC


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