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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Fitness. All abbreviations on this page are AAFT means Alternative Aerobic Fitness Test, ABF means Above and Beyond Fitness, ABHAY means Any body have a YO-YO, ACFL means Assistant Command Fitness Leader, ACFT means Army Combat Fitness Test, ACSF means Australian College of Sports and Fitness, AFC means Aquatic Fitness Center, AFCC means Abington Fitness and Country Club, AFFD means Auditory fitness for duty, AFG means Advanced Fitness Group, AFIRM means Association of Fitness Industry Retailers Manufacturers, AFPA means American Fitness Professionals Associates, AFS means Applied Fitness Solutions, AFSSP means Anytime Fitness South St Paul, AFWC means Algonquin Fitness Wellness Centre, AHF means American Health Fitness, AIFE means American Institute of Fitness Educators, ALFS means Active Lifestyles Fitness Socialising, ANF means All Natural Fitness, APFR means Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation,

AAFTAlternative Aerobic Fitness Test. AAFT
ABFAbove and Beyond Fitness. ABF
ABHAYAny body have a YO-YO. ABHAY
ACFLAssistant Command Fitness Leader. ACFL
ACFTArmy Combat Fitness Test. ACFT
ACSFAustralian College of Sports and Fitness. ACSF
AFCAquatic Fitness Center. AFC
AFCCAbington Fitness and Country Club. AFCC
AFFDAuditory fitness for duty. AFFD
AFGAdvanced Fitness Group. AFG
AFIRMAssociation of Fitness Industry Retailers Manufacturers. AFIRM
AFPAAmerican Fitness Professionals Associates. AFPA
AFSApplied Fitness Solutions. AFS
AFSSPAnytime Fitness South St Paul. AFSSP
AFWCAlgonquin Fitness Wellness Centre. AFWC
AHFAmerican Health Fitness. AHF
AIFEAmerican Institute of Fitness Educators. AIFE
ALFSActive Lifestyles Fitness Socialising. ALFS
ANFAll Natural Fitness. ANF
APFRAiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation. APFR


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