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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Football. All abbreviations on this page are 4FC means Forever Football Consulting, AAF means Alliance of American Football, AAFA means American Amateur Football Association, AAFC means All America Football Conference, AAFC means Association of Australian Football Clubs, AAFC means All American Football Conference, AAS means All America Selection, ABC means Anyone But Collingwood, ABFA means African Brothers Football Academy, ABFA means Antigua and Barbuda Football Association, ACFC means Atlantic Central Football Conference, ACFC means Aston Clinton Football Club, ACFC means Atherton Colleries Football Club, ACFC means Angouleme Charente Football Club, ACFC means All Canadian Football Club, ACFF means Association des Clubs Francophones de Football, ACFG means AC Football Group, ACFL means Action College Football League, ACFL means Atlantic Coast Football League, ACYF means American Canyon Youth Football,

4FCForever Football Consulting. 4FC
AAFAlliance of American Football. AAF
AAFAAmerican Amateur Football Association. AAFA
AAFCAll America Football Conference. AAFC
AAFCAssociation of Australian Football Clubs. AAFC
AAFCAll American Football Conference. AAFC
AASAll America Selection. AAS
ABCAnyone But Collingwood. ABC
ABFAAfrican Brothers Football Academy. ABFA
ABFAAntigua and Barbuda Football Association. ABFA
ACFCAtlantic Central Football Conference. ACFC
ACFCAston Clinton Football Club. ACFC
ACFCAtherton Colleries Football Club. ACFC
ACFCAngouleme Charente Football Club. ACFC
ACFCAll Canadian Football Club. ACFC
ACFFAssociation des Clubs Francophones de Football. ACFF
ACFGAC Football Group. ACFG
ACFLAction College Football League. ACFL
ACFLAtlantic Coast Football League. ACFL
ACYFAmerican Canyon Youth Football. ACYF


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