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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Football. All abbreviations on this page are AFL means Amateur Football League, AFL means Aquashicola Football League, AFL means Australian Football League, AFL means American Football, AFL means Australian Football Losers, AFL means Australian Football Leauge, AFL means Australia Football League, AFLN means American Football League Nederland, AFLPA means Arena Football League Players Association, AFOA means Austin Football Officials Association, AFPR means Amateur Football Power Ratings, AFS means Association of Football Statisticians, AFSO means Afghan Football Support Organization, AFVH means American Football Verband Hessen, AFWL means American Football Womens League, AIAF means Association Internationale des Avocats du Football, AIF means American Indoor Football, AIFA means American Indoor Football Association, AIFF means All India Football Federation, AJFL means Alberta Junior Football League,

AFLAmateur Football League. AFL
AFLAquashicola Football League. AFL
AFLAustralian Football League. AFL
AFLAmerican Football. AFL
AFLAustralian Football Losers. AFL
AFLAustralian Football Leauge. AFL
AFLAustralia Football League. AFL
AFLNAmerican Football League Nederland. AFLN
AFLPAArena Football League Players Association. AFLPA
AFOAAustin Football Officials Association. AFOA
AFPRAmateur Football Power Ratings. AFPR
AFSAssociation of Football Statisticians. AFS
AFSOAfghan Football Support Organization. AFSO
AFVHAmerican Football Verband Hessen. AFVH
AFWLAmerican Football Womens League. AFWL
AIAFAssociation Internationale des Avocats du Football. AIAF
AIFAmerican Indoor Football. AIF
AIFAAmerican Indoor Football Association. AIFA
AIFFAll India Football Federation. AIFF
AJFLAlberta Junior Football League. AJFL


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