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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Forestry. All abbreviations on this page are AACC means Added Advantage Child Care, AACCI means Association of Adolescent and Child Care in India, ABSF means Appomattox Buckingham State Forest, ACCB means Affordable Child Care Benefit, ACCN means Adventist Child Care Network, ACCT means Assistant Child Care Teacher, ACF means Assistant Conservator of Forest, ACF means Agricultural Construction Forestry, AFC means Arkansas Forestry Commission, AFF means Ancient Forest Friendly, AFFA means Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry Australia, AFFOREST means Afforestation, AFHA means Appalachian Forest Heritage Area, AFHA means Appalachian Forest Heritage Area, AFID means Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development, AFOA means Alabama Forest Owners Association, AFOA means Alabama Forest Owners' Association, AFOLU means Agricultural Forestry and Other Land Use, AFOLU means Agriculture Forestry Other Land Use, AFORA means Australian Forest Operations Research Alliance,

AACCAdded Advantage Child Care. AACC
AACCIAssociation of Adolescent and Child Care in India. AACCI
ABSFAppomattox Buckingham State Forest. ABSF
ACCBAffordable Child Care Benefit. ACCB
ACCNAdventist Child Care Network. ACCN
ACCTAssistant Child Care Teacher. ACCT
ACFAssistant Conservator of Forest. ACF
ACFAgricultural Construction Forestry. ACF
AFCArkansas Forestry Commission. AFC
AFFAncient Forest Friendly. AFF
AFFAAgriculture Fisheries and Forestry Australia. AFFA
AFHAAppalachian Forest Heritage Area. AFHA
AFHAAppalachian Forest Heritage Area. AFHA
AFIDAgriculture and Forestry Industries Development. AFID
AFOAAlabama Forest Owners Association. AFOA
AFOAAlabama Forest Owners' Association. AFOA
AFOLUAgricultural Forestry and Other Land Use. AFOLU
AFOLUAgriculture Forestry Other Land Use. AFOLU
AFORAAustralian Forest Operations Research Alliance. AFORA


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