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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Forums. All abbreviations on this page are 4rum means Forum, AABF means Australian Arab Business Forum, AAF means American Action Forum, AAMF means African American Male Forum, AAPF means Asheville Area Piano Forum, AASF means ASEAN Automobile Safety Forum, AASF means Abhigyan Abhikaushalam Students Forum, ABDF means Australian Bearded Dragon Forum, ABEF means Aylsham Business and Enterprise Forum, ACA means Anti-Corruption Agency, ACAF means African Cultural Art Forum, ACAF means Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum, ACF means American Composers Forum, ACF means Air Cargo Forum, ACF means Arewa Consultative Forum, ACFK means Ahli Club Forum Kancil, ACIF means Anti Counterfeit and Infringement Forum, ACLF means Annual Chapter Leader Forum, ACMF means ASEAN Capital Markets Forum, ACMF means Advanced Cranio Maxillofacial Forum,

4rumForum. 4rum
AABFAustralian Arab Business Forum. AABF
AAFAmerican Action Forum. AAF
AAMFAfrican American Male Forum. AAMF
AAPFAsheville Area Piano Forum. AAPF
AASFASEAN Automobile Safety Forum. AASF
AASFAbhigyan Abhikaushalam Students Forum. AASF
ABDFAustralian Bearded Dragon Forum. ABDF
ABEFAylsham Business and Enterprise Forum. ABEF
ACAAnti-Corruption Agency. ACA
ACAFAfrican Cultural Art Forum. ACAF
ACAFAlexandria Contemporary Arts Forum. ACAF
ACFAmerican Composers Forum. ACF
ACFAir Cargo Forum. ACF
ACFArewa Consultative Forum. ACF
ACFKAhli Club Forum Kancil. ACFK
ACIFAnti Counterfeit and Infringement Forum. ACIF
ACLFAnnual Chapter Leader Forum. ACLF
ACMFASEAN Capital Markets Forum. ACMF
ACMFAdvanced Cranio Maxillofacial Forum. ACMF


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