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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Foundations. All abbreviations on this page are A2b means Adyar anantha bhavan, AAAAI means American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, AAAASFI means Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship Foundation Inc, AAAF means American Academy of Audiology Foundation, AAAF means Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation, AAAF means Ambulance Access for All Foundation, AAAF means Accelerate and Access Foundation, AAAF means Asian Allergy Asthma Foundation, AACF means Athens Area Community Foundation, AACF means African American Community Foundation, AAEF means Arkansas Advanced Energy Foundation, AAEF means Arab American Educational Foundation, AAEF means American Association of Endodontics Foundation, AAEF means Association of American Educators Foundation, AAEF means Australian American Educational Foundation, AAF means American Asthma Foundation, AAF means American Austrian Foundation, AAF means Amarillo Area Foundation, AAF means American Armoured Foundation, AAFC means Army Acquisition Foundation Course,

A2bAdyar anantha bhavan. A2b
AAAAIAmerican Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. AAAAI
AAAASFIArmy Aviation Association of America Scholarship Foundation Inc. AAAASFI
AAAFAmerican Academy of Audiology Foundation. AAAF
AAAFAustralia Alopecia Areata Foundation. AAAF
AAAFAmbulance Access for All Foundation. AAAF
AAAFAccelerate and Access Foundation. AAAF
AAAFAsian Allergy Asthma Foundation. AAAF
AACFAthens Area Community Foundation. AACF
AACFAfrican American Community Foundation. AACF
AAEFArkansas Advanced Energy Foundation. AAEF
AAEFArab American Educational Foundation. AAEF
AAEFAmerican Association of Endodontics Foundation. AAEF
AAEFAssociation of American Educators Foundation. AAEF
AAEFAustralian American Educational Foundation. AAEF
AAFAmerican Asthma Foundation. AAF
AAFAmerican Austrian Foundation. AAF
AAFAmarillo Area Foundation. AAF
AAFAmerican Armoured Foundation. AAF
AAFCArmy Acquisition Foundation Course. AAFC


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