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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Foundations. All abbreviations on this page are AAFF means Afghanistan American Friendship Foundation, AAFF means Alexis Arquette Family Foundation, AAMF means Army Aviation Museum Foundation, AAMF means Adopt A Mother Foundation, AAOF means American Academy of Optometry Foundation, AAPSF means American Association of Physician Specialists Foundation, AARF means Associated Asia Research Foundation, AARF means Animal Aid and Rescue Foundation, AARF means Arkansas Animal Rescue Foundation, AASF means African American Students Foundation, AASF means Association for Academic Surgery Foundation, AASF means Adopt A Stream Foundation, AASF means Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation, ABBF means Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation, ABCF means American Breast Cancer Foundation, ABCF means Anchor Bay Community Foundation, ABCF means Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation, ABCF means Americans Back in Charge Foundation, ABCF means African Bicycle Contribution Foundation, ABCF means Alemtsehay Breast Cancer Foundation,

AAFFAfghanistan American Friendship Foundation. AAFF
AAFFAlexis Arquette Family Foundation. AAFF
AAMFArmy Aviation Museum Foundation. AAMF
AAMFAdopt A Mother Foundation. AAMF
AAOFAmerican Academy of Optometry Foundation. AAOF
AAPSFAmerican Association of Physician Specialists Foundation. AAPSF
AARFAssociated Asia Research Foundation. AARF
AARFAnimal Aid and Rescue Foundation. AARF
AARFArkansas Animal Rescue Foundation. AARF
AASFAfrican American Students Foundation. AASF
AASFAssociation for Academic Surgery Foundation. AASF
AASFAdopt A Stream Foundation. AASF
AASFAlaskan Aviation Safety Foundation. AASF
ABBFAdventures Beyond Barriers Foundation. ABBF
ABCFAmerican Breast Cancer Foundation. ABCF
ABCFAnchor Bay Community Foundation. ABCF
ABCFAlamo Breast Cancer Foundation. ABCF
ABCFAmericans Back in Charge Foundation. ABCF
ABCFAfrican Bicycle Contribution Foundation. ABCF
ABCFAlemtsehay Breast Cancer Foundation. ABCF


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