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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Foundations. All abbreviations on this page are WWHF means Wisconsin Womens Health Foundation, WWIF means Wishing Well International Foundation, WWLF means Wales Wild Land Foundation, WWLF means Woodrow Wilson Legacy Foundation, WWWF means World Wide Web Foundation, WZCF means World Zarathushti Cultural Foundation, YAF means Young America's Foundation, YBF means Young Britons' Foundation, YBF means Young Britons Foundation, YBF means Youth Bridge Foundation, YCF means Yavapai College Foundation, YCF means Yorkshire Cricket Foundation, YCF means Yuva Chintana Foundation, YDF means Youri Djorkaeff Foundation, YEF means Ysleta Education Foundation, YEF means YAPC Europe Foundation, YEF means Young Entrepreneur Foundation, YEF means York Education Foundation, YEF means Yahoo Employee Foundation, YEF means Yarmouth Education Foundation,

WWHFWisconsin Womens Health Foundation. WWHF
WWIFWishing Well International Foundation. WWIF
WWLFWales Wild Land Foundation. WWLF
WWLFWoodrow Wilson Legacy Foundation. WWLF
WWWFWorld Wide Web Foundation. WWWF
WZCFWorld Zarathushti Cultural Foundation. WZCF
YAFYoung America's Foundation. YAF
YBFYoung Britons' Foundation. YBF
YBFYoung Britons Foundation. YBF
YBFYouth Bridge Foundation. YBF
YCFYavapai College Foundation. YCF
YCFYorkshire Cricket Foundation. YCF
YCFYuva Chintana Foundation. YCF
YDFYouri Djorkaeff Foundation. YDF
YEFYsleta Education Foundation. YEF
YEFYAPC Europe Foundation. YEF
YEFYoung Entrepreneur Foundation. YEF
YEFYork Education Foundation. YEF
YEFYahoo Employee Foundation. YEF
YEFYarmouth Education Foundation. YEF


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