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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Foundations. All abbreviations on this page are ABDF means Australasian Blistering Diseases Foundation, ABEF means American Bald Eagle Foundation, ABF means Arkansas Baptist Foundation, ABF means American Bar Foundation, ABF means Anza Borrego Foundation, ABIF means Australian Beef Industry Foundation, ABRF means American Board of Radiology Foundation, ABSF means Alan B. Slifka Foundation, ABSF means American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation, ABSF means American Blind Skiing Foundation, ABSF means Alan B Slifka Foundation, ABWF means Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness Foundation, ACAF means Australia China Art Foundation, ACAF means American Counseling Association Foundation, ACAF means Aldo Castillo Arts Foundation, ACAF means Addison Community Athletics Foundation, ACBF means Allegheny County Bar Foundation, ACCF means Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation, ACCF means American Chestnut Cooperators Foundation, ACEF means American College of Endocrinology Foundation,

ABDFAustralasian Blistering Diseases Foundation. ABDF
ABEFAmerican Bald Eagle Foundation. ABEF
ABFArkansas Baptist Foundation. ABF
ABFAmerican Bar Foundation. ABF
ABFAnza Borrego Foundation. ABF
ABIFAustralian Beef Industry Foundation. ABIF
ABRFAmerican Board of Radiology Foundation. ABRF
ABSFAlan B. Slifka Foundation. ABSF
ABSFAmerican Birkebeiner Ski Foundation. ABSF
ABSFAmerican Blind Skiing Foundation. ABSF
ABSFAlan B Slifka Foundation. ABSF
ABWFAbsaroka Beartooth Wilderness Foundation. ABWF
ACAFAustralia China Art Foundation. ACAF
ACAFAmerican Counseling Association Foundation. ACAF
ACAFAldo Castillo Arts Foundation. ACAF
ACAFAddison Community Athletics Foundation. ACAF
ACBFAllegheny County Bar Foundation. ACBF
ACCFAustralian Cervical Cancer Foundation. ACCF
ACCFAmerican Chestnut Cooperators Foundation. ACCF
ACEFAmerican College of Endocrinology Foundation. ACEF


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