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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Foundations. All abbreviations on this page are ACEF means Arkansas Construction Education Foundation, ACEF means Absenger Cancer Education Foundation, ACF means Arizona Community Foundation, ACF means American Chestnut Foundation, ACF means Alabama Coastal Foundation, ACF means Arts Center Foundation, ACF means Alaska Community Foundation, ACF means Animal Cancer Foundation, ACF means Aspen Community Foundation, ACFF means Aruba College Fair Foundation, ACFF means Anyone Can Fly Foundation, ACFI means Alliance Cultural Foundation International, ACFW means American Concrete Foundations and Walls, ACFY means Arizona Community Foundation of Yuma, ACIF means Arizona Cattle Industry Foundation, ACMF means Australian Country Music Foundation, ACMF means Andy Caress Melanoma Foundation, ACMF means Alliance Community Medical Foundation, ACMF means American Caribbean Maritime Foundation, ACMMF means A C Muthiah Medical Foundation,

ACEFArkansas Construction Education Foundation. ACEF
ACEFAbsenger Cancer Education Foundation. ACEF
ACFArizona Community Foundation. ACF
ACFAmerican Chestnut Foundation. ACF
ACFAlabama Coastal Foundation. ACF
ACFArts Center Foundation. ACF
ACFAlaska Community Foundation. ACF
ACFAnimal Cancer Foundation. ACF
ACFAspen Community Foundation. ACF
ACFFAruba College Fair Foundation. ACFF
ACFFAnyone Can Fly Foundation. ACFF
ACFIAlliance Cultural Foundation International. ACFI
ACFWAmerican Concrete Foundations and Walls. ACFW
ACFYArizona Community Foundation of Yuma. ACFY
ACIFArizona Cattle Industry Foundation. ACIF
ACMFAustralian Country Music Foundation. ACMF
ACMFAndy Caress Melanoma Foundation. ACMF
ACMFAlliance Community Medical Foundation. ACMF
ACMFAmerican Caribbean Maritime Foundation. ACMF
ACMMFA C Muthiah Medical Foundation. ACMMF


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