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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Funds. All abbreviations on this page are AAAF means Ark Angels Activator Fund, AAF means Amandla AIDS Fund, AAFR means American Association of Fund Raising, AAIF means Aberdeen Asian Income Fund, AAMF means Arleen Auger Memorial Fund, AAMF means Active Allocation Mutual Fund, AAOF means Atlantic American Opportunities Fund, AAOF means African American Opportunity Fund, AAUF means African American Unity Fund, AAUF means African American United Fund, ABCF means Africa Biosciences Challenge Fund, ABCP means Asset-Backed Commercial Paper, ABF means Asian Bond Fund, ABF means Actors' Benevolent Fund, ABIF means Aboriginal Business Investment Fund, ABIF means Arts Business Innovation Fund, ABIF means Afghanistan Business Innovation Fund, ABSF means Australian Business Securitisation Fund, ACEF means Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund, ACF means Asian Credit Fund,

AAAFArk Angels Activator Fund. AAAF
AAFAmandla AIDS Fund. AAF
AAFRAmerican Association of Fund Raising. AAFR
AAIFAberdeen Asian Income Fund. AAIF
AAMFArleen Auger Memorial Fund. AAMF
AAMFActive Allocation Mutual Fund. AAMF
AAOFAtlantic American Opportunities Fund. AAOF
AAOFAfrican American Opportunity Fund. AAOF
AAUFAfrican American Unity Fund. AAUF
AAUFAfrican American United Fund. AAUF
ABCFAfrica Biosciences Challenge Fund. ABCF
ABCPAsset-Backed Commercial Paper. ABCP
ABFAsian Bond Fund. ABF
ABFActors' Benevolent Fund. ABF
ABIFAboriginal Business Investment Fund. ABIF
ABIFArts Business Innovation Fund. ABIF
ABIFAfghanistan Business Innovation Fund. ABIF
ABSFAustralian Business Securitisation Fund. ABSF
ACEFAnimal Cruelty Exposure Fund. ACEF
ACFAsian Credit Fund. ACF


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