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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Gaming. All abbreviations on this page are 100T means 100 Thieves, 10M means Ten man, 10P means 10 Player, 19 means Zero hand, 1CC means 1 Credit Clear, 1CC means 1 Coin Clear, 1D5 means One Five Sided Die, 1D8 means A common term used in the Dungeons & Dragons terminology. Meaning 1 dice with 8 sides., 1DBB means One Day Beta Battle, 1H1L means One Hour One Life, 1LC means 1 Life Clear, 1v1 means One Versus One (Battle), 2b2t means 2 builders 2 tools, 2D4 means Two Die Four, 2DS means 2 Dimensional Screens, 2HOL means 2 Hours One Life, 2K20 means Two Thousand Twenty, 2v2 means Two Versus Two (Battle), 34U means Free For You, 3DOG means The Three Days of Gettysburg,

100T100 Thieves. 100T
10MTen man. 10M
10P10 Player. 10P
19Zero hand. 19
1CC1 Credit Clear. 1CC
1CC1 Coin Clear. 1CC
1D5One Five Sided Die. 1D5
1D8A common term used in the Dungeons & Dragons terminology. Meaning 1 dice with 8 sides.. 1D8
1DBBOne Day Beta Battle. 1DBB
1H1LOne Hour One Life. 1H1L
1LC1 Life Clear. 1LC
1v1One Versus One (Battle). 1v1
2b2t2 builders 2 tools. 2b2t
2D4Two Die Four. 2D4
2DS2 Dimensional Screens. 2DS
2HOL2 Hours One Life. 2HOL
2K20Two Thousand Twenty. 2K20
2v2Two Versus Two (Battle). 2v2
34UFree For You. 34U
3DOGThe Three Days of Gettysburg. 3DOG


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