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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Geography. All abbreviations on this page are 0DG means Zero Degrees Parallel, 45D/N/MI means Forty Five Degrees North Latitude, Gaylord, Michigan, AAGIS means Ann Arbor Geographic Information System, AAI means American Avalanche Institute, AF means Alluvial Fan, AGIO means Arkansas Geographic Information Office, AGIS means Albuquerque Geographic Information System, AGIS means Airports Geographic Information Systems, AGIS means Abuja Geographic Information Systems, AGS means Applied Geographic Solutions, AGS means American Geographical Society, AGTI means Association of Geography Teachers of Ireland, AGTI means Association of Geography Teachers in Ireland, APHG means AP Human Geography, APHG means A P Human Geography, BBDO means Bringing Biogeographic Data Online, BGG means Biology Geography and Geology, BGN means Board on Geographic Names, BGSG means Business Geography Specialty Group, BST means British Summer Time,

0DGZero Degrees Parallel. 0DG
45D/N/MIForty Five Degrees North Latitude, Gaylord, Michigan. 45D/N/MI
AAGISAnn Arbor Geographic Information System. AAGIS
AAIAmerican Avalanche Institute. AAI
AFAlluvial Fan. AF
AGIOArkansas Geographic Information Office. AGIO
AGISAlbuquerque Geographic Information System. AGIS
AGISAirports Geographic Information Systems. AGIS
AGISAbuja Geographic Information Systems. AGIS
AGSApplied Geographic Solutions. AGS
AGSAmerican Geographical Society. AGS
AGTIAssociation of Geography Teachers of Ireland. AGTI
AGTIAssociation of Geography Teachers in Ireland. AGTI
APHGAP Human Geography. APHG
APHGA P Human Geography. APHG
BBDOBringing Biogeographic Data Online. BBDO
BGGBiology Geography and Geology. BGG
BGNBoard on Geographic Names. BGN
BGSGBusiness Geography Specialty Group. BGSG
BSTBritish Summer Time. BST


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