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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Geography. All abbreviations on this page are GES means Geographic Enterprise Solutions, GES means Geography and Environmental Systems, GESG means Geography Education Specialty Group, GFDA means Geography Faculty Development Alliance, GFT means Geographic Full Time, GGCM means Global Gridded Crop Model, GGCM means Geospace General Circulation Model, GGDI means Global Geospatial Data Infrastructure, GGE means Geography Geology and Environmental, GGE means Geography Geology and the Environment, GGIS means Government and Geographic Information Services Task Force (University of Maryland), GGS means Geography and GeoInformation Science, GGTA means Ghana Geography Teachers Association, GHT means Geographic Hash Table, GI means Geographical Indication, GICC means Geographic Information Coordinating Council, GICC means Geographic Information Coordination Council, GICC means Geographic Information Coordinating Committee, GID means Geographically Indexed Database, GIKL means Geografsko Informacijsko Kartografskem Laboratoriju,

GESGeographic Enterprise Solutions. GES
GESGeography and Environmental Systems. GES
GESGGeography Education Specialty Group. GESG
GFDAGeography Faculty Development Alliance. GFDA
GFTGeographic Full Time. GFT
GGCMGlobal Gridded Crop Model. GGCM
GGCMGeospace General Circulation Model. GGCM
GGDIGlobal Geospatial Data Infrastructure. GGDI
GGEGeography Geology and Environmental. GGE
GGEGeography Geology and the Environment. GGE
GGISGovernment and Geographic Information Services Task Force (University of Maryland). GGIS
GGSGeography and GeoInformation Science. GGS
GGTAGhana Geography Teachers Association. GGTA
GHTGeographic Hash Table. GHT
GIGeographical Indication. GI
GICCGeographic Information Coordinating Council. GICC
GICCGeographic Information Coordination Council. GICC
GICCGeographic Information Coordinating Committee. GICC
GIDGeographically Indexed Database. GID
GIKLGeografsko Informacijsko Kartografskem Laboratoriju. GIKL


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