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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Golf. All abbreviations on this page are AAGA means Asian American Golf Association, AAGA means Attleboro Area Golf Association, AAGA means African American Golf Association, ABBA means Abbs Be Buisy Asteroid, ACGA means African Caribbean Golf Association, ACSG means Association Canadienne des Surintendants de Golf, ACSGC means Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary for Golf Courses, ADGA means Akron District Golf Association, ADGA means Akron District Golf Assn, ADGF means Association des Directeurs de Golfs de France, ADGO means Atlanta Disc Golf Organization, AEGC means Alderley Edge Golf Club, AFGA means Alumni and Fan Golf Association, AGA means Arizona Golf Association, AGA means Alaska Golf Association, AGA means Anthracite Golf Association, AGD means Australian Golf Digest, AGG means Ask Golf Guru, AGIF means Asian Golf Industry Federation, AGM means Association of Golf Merchandisers,

AAGAAsian American Golf Association. AAGA
AAGAAttleboro Area Golf Association. AAGA
AAGAAfrican American Golf Association. AAGA
ABBAAbbs Be Buisy Asteroid. ABBA
ACGAAfrican Caribbean Golf Association. ACGA
ACSGAssociation Canadienne des Surintendants de Golf. ACSG
ACSGCAudubon Cooperative Sanctuary for Golf Courses. ACSGC
ADGAAkron District Golf Association. ADGA
ADGAAkron District Golf Assn. ADGA
ADGFAssociation des Directeurs de Golfs de France. ADGF
ADGOAtlanta Disc Golf Organization. ADGO
AEGCAlderley Edge Golf Club. AEGC
AFGAAlumni and Fan Golf Association. AFGA
AGAArizona Golf Association. AGA
AGAAlaska Golf Association. AGA
AGAAnthracite Golf Association. AGA
AGDAustralian Golf Digest. AGD
AGGAsk Golf Guru. AGG
AGIFAsian Golf Industry Federation. AGIF
AGMAssociation of Golf Merchandisers. AGM


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