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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Governmental. All abbreviations on this page are ABDF means Aboriginal Business Development Fund, ABG means Academic Business and Government, ABI means Agro Bio Institute (of Bulgaria), ABLES means Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance, ABOD means Association Board of Directors, ABS means Australian Bureau of Statistics, ACA means Agency for Cultural Affairs, ACA means Anti-Corruption Agency, ACC means Anti Corruption Commission, ACC3 means All Cargo Carrier from third country, ACCCC means Anti Corruption & Crime Control Committee, ACCI means Agencia Colombiana de Cooperacion Internacional, ACCW means Air Condition Coach 3tire, ACEC means Arab Commission for Education and Communication, ACEG means Association for Counselors and Educators in Government, ACEG means Association of Counselors and Educators in Government, ACEG means Amrita Center for Economics and Governance, ACELG means Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance, ACFAC means Academic Facility, ACFC means Agence de la consommation en matière financière du Canada,

ABDFAboriginal Business Development Fund. ABDF
ABGAcademic Business and Government. ABG
ABIAgro Bio Institute (of Bulgaria). ABI
ABLESAdult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance. ABLES
ABODAssociation Board of Directors. ABOD
ABSAustralian Bureau of Statistics. ABS
ACAAgency for Cultural Affairs. ACA
ACAAnti-Corruption Agency. ACA
ACCAnti Corruption Commission. ACC
ACC3All Cargo Carrier from third country. ACC3
ACCCCAnti Corruption & Crime Control Committee. ACCCC
ACCIAgencia Colombiana de Cooperacion Internacional. ACCI
ACCWAir Condition Coach 3tire. ACCW
ACECArab Commission for Education and Communication. ACEC
ACEGAssociation for Counselors and Educators in Government. ACEG
ACEGAssociation of Counselors and Educators in Government. ACEG
ACEGAmrita Center for Economics and Governance. ACEG
ACELGAmsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance. ACELG
ACFACAcademic Facility. ACFAC
ACFCAgence de la consommation en matière financière du Canada. ACFC


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