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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Governmental. All abbreviations on this page are AD means After the Downfall, ADA means Aeronautical Development Agency, ADA means American Disability Act, ADC means Actual Date of Confinement, ADCCI means Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ADCD means Abu Dhabi Civil Defense, ADCS means Association of Director of Children’s Services, ADD means Agency for Defense Development, ADEC means Abu Dhabi Education Council, ADEME means Agency for Environment and Energy Management, ADF means Adviser Discretion Fund, ADfam means Alchol,Drugs,family, ADFCA means Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, ADI means Adult Dependency Increase, ADIP means Agencia de Diseño Informatico y Programacion, ADJUST FIRE means Let me know before you go to bed tonight if you still feel sick so I can adjust fire and replan the schedule of events for tomorrow before the morning., ADLG means Actions for Democracy and Local Governance, ADM means Abu Dhabi Municipality, ADM means Assistant Deputy Minister, ADMO means Assistant Deputy-Minister of Operations,

ADAfter the Downfall. AD
ADAAeronautical Development Agency. ADA
ADAAmerican Disability Act. ADA
ADCActual Date of Confinement. ADC
ADCCIAbu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. ADCCI
ADCDAbu Dhabi Civil Defense. ADCD
ADCSAssociation of Director of Children’s Services. ADCS
ADDAgency for Defense Development. ADD
ADECAbu Dhabi Education Council. ADEC
ADEMEAgency for Environment and Energy Management. ADEME
ADFAdviser Discretion Fund. ADF
ADfamAlchol,Drugs,family. ADfam
ADFCAAbu Dhabi Food Control Authority. ADFCA
ADIAdult Dependency Increase. ADI
ADIPAgencia de Diseño Informatico y Programacion. ADIP
ADJUST FIRELet me know before you go to bed tonight if you still feel sick so I can adjust fire and replan the schedule of events for tomorrow before the morning.. ADJUST FIRE
ADLGActions for Democracy and Local Governance. ADLG
ADMAbu Dhabi Municipality. ADM
ADMAssistant Deputy Minister. ADM
ADMOAssistant Deputy-Minister of Operations. ADMO


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