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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Guilds. All abbreviations on this page are AASR means Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, ABG means American Brewers Guild, ACEG means Afghan Carpet Exporters Guild, ADG means Art Directors Guild, ADG means Architectural Design Guild, AG means After Guild, AGA means American Guild of Appraisers, AGAC means American Guild of Authors and Composers, AGAG means Arkansas Gospel Announcers Guild, AGAG means Animated GIF Artists Guild, AGCV means American Guild of Court Videographers, AGGG means Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville, AGGG means Artist Guild Gallery of Greenville, AGILA means Ateneo Guild of Innovative Leading Associates, AGO means American Guild of, AGWB means Auckland Guild of Winemakers and Brewers, AHG means American Herbalists Guild, AHWG means Austin Historical Weapons Guild, AIGCM means Associate of the Incorporated Guild of Church Musicians, ANG means American Needlepoint Guild,

AASRAncient Accepted Scottish Rite. AASR
ABGAmerican Brewers Guild. ABG
ACEGAfghan Carpet Exporters Guild. ACEG
ADGArt Directors Guild. ADG
ADGArchitectural Design Guild. ADG
AGAfter Guild. AG
AGAAmerican Guild of Appraisers. AGA
AGACAmerican Guild of Authors and Composers. AGAC
AGAGArkansas Gospel Announcers Guild. AGAG
AGAGAnimated GIF Artists Guild. AGAG
AGCVAmerican Guild of Court Videographers. AGCV
AGGGArtists Guild Gallery of Greenville. AGGG
AGGGArtist Guild Gallery of Greenville. AGGG
AGILAAteneo Guild of Innovative Leading Associates. AGILA
AGOAmerican Guild of. AGO
AGWBAuckland Guild of Winemakers and Brewers. AGWB
AHGAmerican Herbalists Guild. AHG
AHWGAustin Historical Weapons Guild. AHWG
AIGCMAssociate of the Incorporated Guild of Church Musicians. AIGCM
ANGAmerican Needlepoint Guild. ANG


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