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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Handball. All abbreviations on this page are AHF means Asian Handball Federation, ATHF means Alberta Team Handball Federation, BBHC means British Beach Handball Championships, CHERUB means Cock Hydration Exercises Rabah's Uncle's Balls, DHB means Deutscher Handball Bund, DHTF means Deutsche Handball Trainer Forum, DIHC means Dubai International Handball Club, DIHC means Dublin International Handball Club, EHH means Elverum håndball herrer, FIGH means Federazione Italiana Giuoco Handball, FTFT means Forgot To Flush Turds, HCBB means Handball Club Belin Beliet, HLA means Handball Liga Austria, HOPC means Handball Olympique Le Puy Chadrac, ICHA means Inner City Handball Association, IHF means International Handball Federation, MUHC means Manchester University Handball Club, NCHA means Northern California Handball Association, NLAH means Nantes Loire Atlantique Handball, SPOH means St Pryve Olivet Handball,

AHFAsian Handball Federation. AHF
ATHFAlberta Team Handball Federation. ATHF
BBHCBritish Beach Handball Championships. BBHC
CHERUBCock Hydration Exercises Rabah's Uncle's Balls. CHERUB
DHBDeutscher Handball Bund. DHB
DHTFDeutsche Handball Trainer Forum. DHTF
DIHCDubai International Handball Club. DIHC
DIHCDublin International Handball Club. DIHC
EHHElverum håndball herrer. EHH
FIGHFederazione Italiana Giuoco Handball. FIGH
FTFTForgot To Flush Turds. FTFT
HCBBHandball Club Belin Beliet. HCBB
HLAHandball Liga Austria. HLA
HOPCHandball Olympique Le Puy Chadrac. HOPC
ICHAInner City Handball Association. ICHA
IHFInternational Handball Federation. IHF
MUHCManchester University Handball Club. MUHC
NCHANorthern California Handball Association. NCHA
NLAHNantes Loire Atlantique Handball. NLAH
SPOHSt Pryve Olivet Handball. SPOH


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