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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Hardware. All abbreviations on this page are ! means logical NOT, Negation, + means Logical OR, disjunction, 1080P means 1080 lines, Progressive scan, 1080p means 1080 Pixels, 286 means Intel 80286 Microprocessor, 2PDT means Two-Pole Double-Throw, 2S2D means Double-Sided Double-Density, 386 means Intel 80386 Microprocessor, 3DA means Three Dimensional Architecture, 3DA means Three Dimension Array, 3DDDI means 3-Dimensional Device Dependent Interface, 3DRAM means Three-Dimensional Random Access Memory, 3DS means Combination of 3D (three-dimensional) and DS (Dual Screens), 486 means INTEL 80486 Microprocessor, 4GT means 4 GigaByte (RAM) Tuning, 586 means Intel PENTIUM Processor, A means form A (normally open) contacts, A-D means Analog to Digital, A/D means Analog-to-Digital converter, AA means AMD Assured,

!logical NOT, Negation. !
+Logical OR, disjunction. +
1080P1080 lines, Progressive scan. 1080P
1080p1080 Pixels. 1080p
286Intel 80286 Microprocessor. 286
2PDTTwo-Pole Double-Throw. 2PDT
2S2DDouble-Sided Double-Density. 2S2D
386Intel 80386 Microprocessor. 386
3DAThree Dimensional Architecture. 3DA
3DAThree Dimension Array. 3DA
3DDDI3-Dimensional Device Dependent Interface. 3DDDI
3DRAMThree-Dimensional Random Access Memory. 3DRAM
3DSCombination of 3D (three-dimensional) and DS (Dual Screens). 3DS
486INTEL 80486 Microprocessor. 486
4GT4 GigaByte (RAM) Tuning. 4GT
586Intel PENTIUM Processor. 586
Aform A (normally open) contacts. A
A-DAnalog to Digital. A-D
A/DAnalog-to-Digital converter. A/D
AAAMD Assured. AA


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