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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Hebrew. All abbreviations on this page are AEAI means לשכת המהנדסים, האדריכלים והאקדמאים במקצועות הטכנולוגײם בישראל, BFHU means British Friends of the Hebrew University, CHDS means Cincinnati Hebrew Day School, DHL means Doctor of Hebrew Literature, HBLA means Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association, HDC means Hebrew Discovery Center, HES means Hebrew Educational Society, HFBA means Hebrew Free Burial Association, HHAI means Hasten Hebrew Academy of Indianapolis, HHE means Hebrew Higher Education, HISB means Hebrew interpolated Study Bible, HIWP means Hebrew Institute of White Plains, HLCE means Hebrew Language Comprehensive Exam, HPLS means Hebrew Prayers Learning Series, HRN means Hebrew Research Network, HTTS means Hebrew Text to Speech, HUCP means Hebrew Union College Press, HUHM means Hebrew University Hadassah Medicine, HUHU means Hebrew University Hebrew Understander, IHC means Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation,

AEAIלשכת המהנדסים, האדריכלים והאקדמאים במקצועות הטכנולוגײם בישראל. AEAI
BFHUBritish Friends of the Hebrew University. BFHU
CHDSCincinnati Hebrew Day School. CHDS
DHLDoctor of Hebrew Literature. DHL
HBLAHebrew Benevolent Loan Association. HBLA
HDCHebrew Discovery Center. HDC
HESHebrew Educational Society. HES
HFBAHebrew Free Burial Association. HFBA
HHAIHasten Hebrew Academy of Indianapolis. HHAI
HHEHebrew Higher Education. HHE
HISBHebrew interpolated Study Bible. HISB
HIWPHebrew Institute of White Plains. HIWP
HLCEHebrew Language Comprehensive Exam. HLCE
HPLSHebrew Prayers Learning Series. HPLS
HRNHebrew Research Network. HRN
HTTSHebrew Text to Speech. HTTS
HUCPHebrew Union College Press. HUCP
HUHMHebrew University Hadassah Medicine. HUHM
HUHUHebrew University Hebrew Understander. HUHU
IHCIndianapolis Hebrew Congregation. IHC


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