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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Hiking. All abbreviations on this page are AAI means American Avalanche Institute, ABC means Adventure, Balance, and Challenge, AHS means American HIking Society, AHT means Adventure Hiking Trail, AICP CM means American Institute of Certified Planners Continuing Maintenance, AMC means Arizona Mountaineering Club, AMC means Appalachian Mountain Club, ARAC means Advanced Recreational Avalanche Course, AT means American Trails, AVA means American Volkssporting Association, BBHS means Billings Best Hiking Sticks, BEER means Beat Every Endurance Runner, BMHS means Black Mountain Hiking Section, BRHC means Blue Ridge Hiking Club, BUG means Backpacker's Ultimate Guide, CAC means Cyclo Accueil Cyclo, CCP means Crystalline Caverns Pack, CCTC means Chester County Trail Club, CD means Camping Device, CHAOS means Camping Hiking And Outdoor Survival,

AAIAmerican Avalanche Institute. AAI
ABCAdventure, Balance, and Challenge. ABC
AHSAmerican HIking Society. AHS
AHTAdventure Hiking Trail. AHT
AICP CMAmerican Institute of Certified Planners Continuing Maintenance. AICP CM
AMCArizona Mountaineering Club. AMC
AMCAppalachian Mountain Club. AMC
ARACAdvanced Recreational Avalanche Course. ARAC
ATAmerican Trails. AT
AVAAmerican Volkssporting Association. AVA
BBHSBillings Best Hiking Sticks. BBHS
BEERBeat Every Endurance Runner. BEER
BMHSBlack Mountain Hiking Section. BMHS
BRHCBlue Ridge Hiking Club. BRHC
BUGBackpacker's Ultimate Guide. BUG
CACCyclo Accueil Cyclo. CAC
CCPCrystalline Caverns Pack. CCP
CCTCChester County Trail Club. CCTC
CDCamping Device. CD
CHAOSCamping Hiking And Outdoor Survival. CHAOS


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