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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Hobbies. All abbreviations on this page are 3SM means South Staffordshire Society Of Magicians, 4D8 means 4D8 Puzzle (not an acronym), 4WDA means Four Wheel Drive Association, 4WDABC means Four Wheel Drive Association of British Columbia, 4WF means Four Wheelin' Friends ATV Club, A2C2 means All American Cannabis Club, AA means Action Adventure, AA means Alternative Armies, AAAA means Alberta Aerial Applicators Association, AAACS means Alberta Association of Automobile Clubs Society, AABF means Albuquerque Antiquarian Book Fair, AACC means All American Corvette Club, AACG means Awesome Autographs Collectors Group, AACTS means Association of Arms Collectors and Target Shooters, AADB means Annual Average Daily Bicyclists, AADC means Adelaide Advertising Design Club, AAMC means American Alliance for Medical Cannabis, AAMS means American Air Mail Society, AAOC means Amigos Agenda OCLC Connection, AAOCC means All Avondale Owners Caravan Club,

3SMSouth Staffordshire Society Of Magicians. 3SM
4D84D8 Puzzle (not an acronym). 4D8
4WDAFour Wheel Drive Association. 4WDA
4WDABCFour Wheel Drive Association of British Columbia. 4WDABC
4WFFour Wheelin' Friends ATV Club. 4WF
A2C2All American Cannabis Club. A2C2
AAAction Adventure. AA
AAAlternative Armies. AA
AAAAAlberta Aerial Applicators Association. AAAA
AAACSAlberta Association of Automobile Clubs Society. AAACS
AABFAlbuquerque Antiquarian Book Fair. AABF
AACCAll American Corvette Club. AACC
AACGAwesome Autographs Collectors Group. AACG
AACTSAssociation of Arms Collectors and Target Shooters. AACTS
AADBAnnual Average Daily Bicyclists. AADB
AADCAdelaide Advertising Design Club. AADC
AAMCAmerican Alliance for Medical Cannabis. AAMC
AAMSAmerican Air Mail Society. AAMS
AAOCAmigos Agenda OCLC Connection. AAOC
AAOCCAll Avondale Owners Caravan Club. AAOCC


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