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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Hobbies. All abbreviations on this page are ACVW means Air Cooled Volkswagen, ADMS means American Donkey and Mule Society, ADRF means Aruba Drag Race Foundation, AE means Anniversary Edition, AE means Airsoft Elite, AEAE means Angry Elf Ale Empire, AEG means Automatic Electric Gun, AEGIS means Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers, AF means Action Figure, AF means Ancestral File, AF means All Fake, AFA means Anime Freaks of America, AFFA means Anime Fan Fic Archive, AFFA means Angels Forever, Forever Angels, AFFOL means Adult Female Fan of LEGO, AFL means Anime Fantasy League, AFM means American Federation of Motorcyclists, AFO means Anime Festival Orlando, AFOL means Adult Fan Of LEGO, AFRMA means American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association,

ACVWAir Cooled Volkswagen. ACVW
ADMSAmerican Donkey and Mule Society. ADMS
ADRFAruba Drag Race Foundation. ADRF
AEAnniversary Edition. AE
AEAirsoft Elite. AE
AEAEAngry Elf Ale Empire. AEAE
AEGAutomatic Electric Gun. AEG
AEGISAlliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers. AEGIS
AFAction Figure. AF
AFAncestral File. AF
AFAll Fake. AF
AFAAnime Freaks of America. AFA
AFFAAnime Fan Fic Archive. AFFA
AFFAAngels Forever, Forever Angels. AFFA
AFFOLAdult Female Fan of LEGO. AFFOL
AFLAnime Fantasy League. AFL
AFMAmerican Federation of Motorcyclists. AFM
AFOAnime Festival Orlando. AFO
AFRMAAmerican Fancy Rat and Mouse Association. AFRMA


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