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Browse All Abbreviation related to the Acronym Housing & Amenities. All abbreviations on this page are 1BR means One Bedroom, 2-DR means Two-door, 4LVB means Four-Light Vanity Bar, 4RM means Four Room, 4WT-B means Four-Wire, Base mounted smoke detector with Thermal Detector, 75500 means Defence Housing Society, Karachi, 75500 means Defence Housing Society, A&E means Architectural and Engineering, A/C means Air Conditioning, AAAH means Affordable Adaptable Alternative Housing, AAHA means Accessible and Affordable Housing for All, AAHC means Ann Arbor Housing Commission, AAHC means Alameda Affordable Housing Corporation, AAHSA means American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, AANH means Apartment Association of New Hampshire, AAOA means American Apartment Owners Association, AASHO means Asian American Student Housing Organization, AAV means Assessed Annual Value, ACHA means Alachua County Housing Authority, ACHA means Antwerp City Home Apartments,

1BROne Bedroom. 1BR
2-DRTwo-door. 2-DR
4LVBFour-Light Vanity Bar. 4LVB
4RMFour Room. 4RM
4WT-BFour-Wire, Base mounted smoke detector with Thermal Detector. 4WT-B
75500Defence Housing Society, Karachi. 75500
75500Defence Housing Society. 75500
A&EArchitectural and Engineering. A&E
A/CAir Conditioning. A/C
AAAHAffordable Adaptable Alternative Housing. AAAH
AAHAAccessible and Affordable Housing for All. AAHA
AAHCAnn Arbor Housing Commission. AAHC
AAHCAlameda Affordable Housing Corporation. AAHC
AAHSAAmerican Association of Homes and Services for the Aging. AAHSA
AANHApartment Association of New Hampshire. AANH
AAOAAmerican Apartment Owners Association. AAOA
AASHOAsian American Student Housing Organization. AASHO
AAVAssessed Annual Value. AAV
ACHAAlachua County Housing Authority. ACHA
ACHAAntwerp City Home Apartments. ACHA


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